New Product: SINVERT PV inverters from Siemens offer field-proven performance and reliability



Siemens AG has developed and manufactured inverters for photovoltaic applications since 1987. The latest products of this development are the SINVERT PV inverters, a family of three phase grid-connected inverters in the range of 60kVA up to 1700kVA. They already serve as central inverters in a large number of PV power plants. In Siemens’ SINVERT 1700 MS, four units of 420kVA act as a single 1.7MVA PV inverter. The combination of up to four single inverters working together maximizes performance, yield and availability.


Operators, investors and project planners need a PV power plant that requires a minimum of maintenance care. Less service labour and down-times mean less cost reduction in the return on investment. Only the most reliable and field-proven components, such as modules and their mounting structures, cabling and combiner boxes as well as the inverters with their containers and the whole medium voltage equipment are desired. To control these complex power plants, an industrial-grade supervision system is necessary.


Equipped with features like master slave operation, symmetry monitoring and VAr control, Siemens’ SINVERT covers the current and future recommendations of a reliable and almost maintenance-free operation. Providing superior performance ratio, SINVERT makes the best of the power the solar panel can generate.


Grid-connected PV installations, such as fixed and tracking field installations and BIPV installations.


Standard Siemens drive inverters from the MASTERDRIVES and SINAMICS series, which are certified by all applicable standards. Using these high performance drives, Siemens delivers PV inverters in cabinets of two sizes, 2000 x 2700 x 800mm and 1902 x 918 x 834mm. Transportation is easy due to the separate transformer cabinet. Pre- configured concrete containers are also available.


Available now.

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