New Product: SunPower ‘T20 Tracker Evolution’ delivers maximum energy with 128-cell, 400-watt mo



Product Briefing Outline: SunPower has introduced the next generation of its T20 Tracker, which it claims is the most powerful solar tracker on the market today, incorporating SunPower's high-efficiency 128-cell, 400-watt solar panels for maximum energy output.

Problem: Solar photovoltaic power plants have emerged in recent years as a viable means of large-scale renewable energy power generation. A critical question facing these PV plants at the utility scale remains the competitiveness of their energy generation cost with that of other sources. Emphasis is turning to maximum potential energy production as well as lower installation costs.

Solution: SunPower's newest T20 Tracker is a single axis, ground mounted tracker that follows the sun to deliver the highest system performance. It is pre-assembled for a fast, simple and scalable installation and offers customers a choice of design options to meet specific site needs. With fewer moving parts and refined mechanical structure, the T20 Tracker provides increased reliability, durability, less maintenance, and better wind resistance than conventional trackers, according to the company. Each T20 Tracker unit generates up to 3.7 kilowatts of power and, by following the sun, delivers up to 30 percent more energy than a fixed tilt system of the same capacity.

Applications: Solar power plants.

Platform: The T20 Tracker also features the new SunPower TMAC Advanced Tracker Controller (TMAC), which features real-time tracker status updates, remote monitoring and control, proprietary energy production optimization algorithms, and improved reliability including harsh environments. In addition, the TMAC enables power plant operators to wirelessly monitor the status of the T20 Tracker in real-time through the SunPower power plant SCADA control system, giving them the option to control the array from a central operations center.

Availability: SunPower will begin constructing power plant projects using the new T20 Tracker beginning in early 2010.

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