teamtechnik’s STRINGER TT1200 is fastest on a single track



Product Briefing Outline: teamtechnik is launching a new, more compact STRINGER TT1200, which can solder solar cell strings at 1200 cycles per hour on just one track, making it one of the fastest in the world. teamtechnik has focused on the efficiency optimization of this stringer technology and has improved the price-performance ratio further. Other improvements include shorter set-up times and a shorter delivery time of a maximum of three months. The system’s power consumption and noise levels have also been reduced.

Problem: Module assembly is one the most expensive steps in c-Si cell/module production. Fully automated and integrated tabber/stringer systems need to have high throughput and high yield to support PV manufacturers’ cost reduction strategies.

Solution: teamtechnik uses a unique hold-down device in its systems to separate the actual soldering process from the cell handling process. This allows the company to guarantee 1200 cycles/hour on a single track. Single track means faster throughput for each soldering process, less complexity, with fewer replacement parts and fewer operators required. The hold-down concept makes for a safe and reliable process and minimal breakage rates at less than 0.3%. 

Applications: Standard and back-contact cells (BC/EFG/film) of wafer thickness >160μm with 2 and 3 bus bars.

Platform: All teamtechnik stringers can be equipped with light or laser soldering technology or with an adhesive bonding process, depending on the job and the customer’s requirements. In addition to the STRINGER TT1200, the TT900, which offers 900 cycles per hour, is available for smaller production units.

Availability: September 2010 onwards.

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