Just one week after completing an 80MW project in Ukraine, Activ Solar has added a further 20MW to the country’s burgeoning solar portfolio by installing Phase II of the Perovo Solar Power Station.

Activ Solar is yet to reveal the full size of the plant, located near the village of Perovo on the Crimean Peninsula, although with Phase II now completed, the current capacity stands at 40MW. The first two development phases have seen over 176,000 mono and multicrystalline PV modules and 60 central inverter stations installed at the site, enabling Perovo to generate upwards of 53,000MWh of electricity a year.

"The Perovo project is further evidence of Activ Solar’s significant commitment to the development of the solar PV industry in Ukraine,” said Activ’s CEO, Kaveh Ertefai. "Our projects continue to transform undeveloped and non-arable areas in the Crimea, giving them productive and sustainable purpose."

Equipment suppliers for the project are all tier one companies, and the development has created more than 500 full- and part-time jobs for the local workforce.