The Chinese government has allocated an additional 5.3GW of solar capacity quota for selected provinces in China.

A total of 14 provinces have been tasked with additional project development on top of their 2015 objectives. They have been asked to submit their plans for new projects within a month and to commence construction this year. They will have until the end of H1 2016 to connect them to the grid, according to the document released by the National Energy Administration (NEA). The new 5.3GW target has been added to this year’s 17.8GW goal despite the leeway on grid connection dates.

The move comes as some areas in the country have reported grid curtailment issues. In July the NEA reported that 9% of the country’s solar capacity idled in H1 2015 due to grid issues. The figure in the province of Gansu was 28%.

Beijing-based solar industry consultant, Frank Haugwitz, told PV Tech that the new quotas have been designated to specific cities and counties within the province.

“These provinces are believed to have outperformed so far and therefore were granted another 5.3GW,” he said, adding that additional conditions have been attached to the new quotas.

“Some provinces have requirements like competitive bidding, in Inner Mongolia, or only green energy counties are eligible, or exact locations, even specific cities, were identified,” said Haugwitz.

“These selected locations, it is my understanding, are not subject to grid curtailment or experience less curtailment, otherwise what would be the logic to ask for more [capacity]?”