EU governments have approved the anti-dumping measures on solar imports from China set out in August and confirmed that they will also form the basis of the resolution to the parallel anti-subsidy investigation.

Monday’s vote endorses the price undertaking in place since the summer when China agreed to cap prices at no less than €0.56 per Watt for silicon-based modules, cells and wafers, and to limit module imports into the EU to 7GW annually. The definitive undertaking will last two years from 6 December this year.

Companies operating outside the terms of the agreement will be liable for levies averaging 47.6%

A separate investigation into subsidy support for Chinese companies was due to conclude later this week. The anti-dumping price undertaking will also be applied to cover firms receiving illegal subsidies, concluding that investigation.

The China Chamber of Commerce for  Machinery and Electronics (CCCME) negotiated the deal on behalf of Chinese manufacturers and is to oversee its compliance. Many questions remain over how well the undertaking can be policed.

Last week the EU announced preliminary anti-dumping measures of 42.1% on Chinese manufacturers of solar glass.