Energy developer, Joule Africa, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the government of Cameroon to construct a 100MW solar power plant.

Signed at the UK-Cameroon Trade and Investment Forum event, 7-9 May, Joule Africa will be working with its local telecommunications, energy, oil and gas development partner, Bethel Industrievertretung, and the Cameroon government to identify five possible sites for the 100MW solar power plant. 

Site proposals are likely to be suggested in the north as solar radiance is highest there.

The project is currently at a stage of feasibility checks, and is expected to be built in stages, with the first segment predicted to be commissioned in 2015 and full commissioning scheduled by 2017.

Once complete the project will contribute to national renewable energy targets and increase generation capacity by 15%.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, Cameroon’s installed electricity in 2013 was 1.01GW.

Ian McNeill of Joule Africa told PV Tech there are concerns however over grid infrastructure in Cameroon. “Grid considerations are key - and at or close to the top of our list for feasibility checks," he said.

Mark Green, president of Joule Africa, said “Cameroon is an investment destination of choice for Joule Africa”. Joule Africa is already working to develop a 607MW hydroelectric project in Cameroon, known as Kpep.

"These solar PV facilities, which will ultimately sit alongside the Kpep HEP, represent an opportunity to deliver renewable generating capacity within a relatively short timeframe," he said.