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Electrical connector company Multi-Contact has revealed that its TÜV- and UL-certified MC4 and MC4PLUS photovoltaic connectors have been granted certification for protection class IP68. The IP certification series vouches for the products’ ability to withstand contact and infiltration of water and dirt. This new accolade means that an entire PV installation can be cabled consistently with a single system.

The company’s MC4 PV connector and Westlake’s crystalline junction box have also passed the German Agricultural Society’s (DLG) ammonia resistance tests. Harsh environmental conditions such as those on agricultural lands can affect the efficacy of PV modules, especially livestock farms where animal gases can mix with humid air and condensate on the modules.

Multi-Contact’s MC4 PV connector was tested with Westlake’s junction box for crystalline modules and passed the tests, certifying the products’ resistance to ammonia over at least 20 years.