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A single-junction organic photovoltaic solar cell with a surface area of 1 square centimetre has been demonstrated by Konarka Technologies to have a 8.3% efficiency. The cell was certified by the National Energy Renewable Laboratory (NREL) as a new world record efficiency for an organic photovoltaic solar cell. Konarka believes the new record setting cell opens new large-scale commercial opportunities for its Power Plastic material.

“The progress Konarka has achieved this year with regard to solar cell efficiency is unprecedented, representing a significant milestone for the industry,” commented Howard Berke, chairman, CEO and co-founder of Konarka. “This unsurpassed NREL certification opens new doors for the commercial production of cost-effective, efficient electricity for numerous large scale applications.”

Just short of two years ago, Konarka had produced cells with 6% efficiency. The company is still developing a range of flexible PV substrates that target both BIPV and BAPV markets.