Solarcentury is launching the new C21e solar electric plain roof tile, responding to demand for more products for roofs. The company claims the advantage of the C21e is that it can be easily integrated into traditional small format tile roofs. The company first launched the C21e roof tile in 2005, going on to win the Queen’s award. The tile is 47W and 54 tiles for a typical 2.5kWp system and this system is able to replace on average 200 tiles and thus, uses a lot less space on the roof. The modular nature of C21e systems is claimed to have the ability to be constructed around roof obstructions such as roof windows, roof vents and dormer windows and helps maximize the use of the available roof space.

Martin White, Solarcentury’s product manager, said: "Solarcentury’s C21e solar electric roof tiles have proved popular with home owners and house builders. National and local solar installers and roofing contractors have adopted C21e, due to its design flexibility and ease of installation, and we see that set to continue in 2012 as customers seek out products that deliver good looking returns, without compromising on quality.”