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Suniva revealed that its ARTisun Select series of solar cells are averaging 19% efficiency in plant-wide production. The new cell efficiencies are available to cell customers and have been incorporated into the company’s Optimus modules. Suniva additionally noted that it has refined the aesthetic specifications for the cells, including a narrower color band, which is said to have created a more cosmetically uniform module.

“These power levels are a stepping stone for us at Suniva, as we continue to produce the highest efficiency, highest performing cells at a sensible cost for today’s photovoltaic market,” said Bruce McPherson, vice president of research and development for Suniva. “With our pioneering proprietary work to produce the ARTisun Select cells, we have overcome the production and cost challenges traditionally associated with high-efficiency manufacturing. We feel confident our Select cells will continue to achieve increased production average efficiencies beyond 19.2% during 2012.”