Oerlikon Solar reaches 7% stabilized efficiency of a-Si thin film



Oerlikon Solar said it was now able to produce a-Si thin film modules with than 7% stabilized efficiency, enabling a 16% increase in panel power output. Its new ‘Amorph High Performance’ process uses a specially developed Zinc Oxide TCO layer, which Oerlikon Solar claims, significantly increases the performance characteristics of the panel through better light trapping properties. The company said that it had already been granted the requisite master certificates from TÜV.

“The ability to lead the market with pre-certified, leading edge technology reflects our success in creating a scalable, technology leading organization. We are now able to leverage technological advances into successful business for our customers in a very timely manner”, commented Jeannine Sargent, CEO Oerlikon Solar.

“In recent months, we’ve made enormous progress in the development of a scaleable, high-performing and low-cost PV module production system. The certification awards from TÜV reflect this success and will bring great benefits to our customers,” said Dr. Juerg Henz, Head of the Thin Film Business Unit.

Oerlikon Solar noted that its ‘Amorph High Performance’ process results where achieved with a 50% increase in the output capacity of its fully integrated development line due to continued focus on yield, throughput and overall production line optimization.

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