Schmid’s selective emitter technology supports Sunrise Global Solar’s record 19.2% cell efficiencies



Another day, another cell efficiency record as selective emitter technology from Schmid has been used to support a claimed new cell efficiency record by customer, Sunrise Global Solar of 19.2%. The cells were verified by the University of Konstanz and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems.

Importantly, the cells were produced on standard volume production equipment, based on industrial grade 6” mono-crystalline wafer material with conventional screen printed aluminum backside.

“In Schmid’s combined printing and etching process, the high phosphorous doping layer on the cell is selectively etched and only remains in those places where contacts are subsequently printed – for this purpose a wax mask is applied by an inkjet-type printer,” noted Dr. Christian Buchner, Vice President of Schmid’s Cell Business Unit. “The utilization concept of the selective emitter increases the efficiency of the solar cell by up to 0.6 percent absolute.”

“The digital inkjet printing technology and the optical characterization techniques utilized create an outstanding level of precision and process stability. Moreover, with the extremely low investment requirement and with a view to minimizing the running costs involved, this technology is well positioned to withstand the continually rising cost pressure in solar cell production – the technology capabilities of the Schmid Group have once again been proven,” added Dr. Buchner.

Sunrise CEO, Hsu Kuei-Chang commented, “Module makers are consistently seeking differentiating characteristics, as a result of our continued leadership in high efficiency cells, our customer partners are ecstatic that we can supply them world beating efficiencies on a mass produced and cost competitive level”.

The use of selective emitter technology, primarily developed by a number of PV process equipment suppliers has been a key enabler of recent cell efficiency gains using conventional production equipment with minimum investment in new technologies.

Sunrise expects to have fully ramped its first high efficiency cell fab of 330MW within the next two months.

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