Comprehensive analysis of strength and reliability of silicon wafers and solar cells regarding their

The mechanical strength of monocrystalline and multicrystalline silicon wafers is mainly dictated by the cracks induced during the wire-sawing process. Different sawing technologies, such as diamond-wire- or slurry-based processes, lead to different strength behaviours of as-cut wafers. Furthermore, the strength is strongly influenced by texturization, and at this stage can be interpreted as the basic strength of a solar cell. The metallization and firing processes determine the final strength and reliability of a solar cell, with the metallization contacts being the root cause of breakage of solar cells, depending on the particular cell concept. This paper gives a comprehensive overview of the typical ranges of strength for as-cut wafers, textured wafers and solar cells, for the two different sawing technologies. Around 100 batches with 4,253 samples were evaluated in the study.

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