Considerations for selecting thin-film technologies for large-scale photovoltaic applications


By Pedro M. Fernández, Founder, Bionversiones

Thin-film or crystalline photovoltaic modules? One of the consequences of the rapid introduction of new photovoltaic technologies is the buzz generated in the industry. Large-scale photovoltaic applications are especially sensitive to any question connected with cost optimization. Therefore, stakeholders involved in photovoltaic project development are questioning whether the time has arrived to shift module technologies to large-scale applications. A great variety of opinions are exposed every time this question arises. This paper’s aim is to uncover the key questions that should be taken into consideration in order to select the proper technology for large-scale photovoltaic applications and to provide the maximum amount of practical information for this decision.

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The fourth edition of Photovoltaics International was published in May 2009. It features an exclusive interview with First Solar’s Bruce Sohn on manufacturing and the future. SunPower also outlines the economic benefits of LCOE drivers in Power Generation and Fraunhofer IPA gives an overview of automation in the photovoltaic industry.

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