PV module characterization


By Stefan Krauter, Co-Founder, Photovoltaik Institut Berlin AG; Paul Grunow, Senior Consultant, Photovoltaik Institut Berlin AG

The current industry situation of more competitive business approaches, increased PV project sizes and investments but declining profit margins renders an accurate knowledge of PV performance a vital factor in remaining competitive. Comprehension of expected lifetime and energy yield of PV generators is essential. Therefore, accurate characterization of PV modules is quickly becoming a more and more significant issue. This article gives an overview of the characterization topics of PV modules in terms of safety, failure susceptibility, overall reliability, system performance and energy rating.

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The fourth edition of Photovoltaics International was published in May 2009. It features an exclusive interview with First Solar’s Bruce Sohn on manufacturing and the future. SunPower also outlines the economic benefits of LCOE drivers in Power Generation and Fraunhofer IPA gives an overview of automation in the photovoltaic industry.

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