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The creation of large-scale photovoltaic power plants: the move to thin-film modules


By David Owen, Publisher, Photovoltaics International

Every day, mankind consumes as much energy as it took the earth 1,370 years to store. The International Energy Agency estimates that by the year 2030, worldwide electricity consumption will have increased annually by approximately 2.4%. City Solar AG is seeking to increase renewable energy stocks through grid-connected solar power utilities. As one of the leading producers of large-scale photovoltaic plants, City Solar is uniquely placed to give us a better understanding of how these plants are put together.


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Photovoltaics International Archive
The first edition of the Photovoltaics International journal, published in August 2008, was created in response to what was deemed to be a growing need for an unbiased technical publication for the solar cell and module manufacturing industry. With this in mind, the first edition of Photovoltaics International saw the commissioning of papers from a wide range of sectors, such as NREL’s overview of the CPV sector, IMEC’s thin-film efficiency gains via plasma texturing, site selection with IBM PLI, Q-Cells on silicon nitride thin films and Navigant Consulting’s market overview.

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