Trina Solar targets 140 micron wafer thickness and 19 percent cell efficiencies in 2010



Trina Solar has provided manufacturing guidance for 2008 and beyond
with the target of achieving cell efficiency rates of approximately 19
percent for monocrystalline solar cells by 2010. Importantly, Trina
Solar expects to reduce wafer thickness to 140 microns by 2010 as part
of its cost reduction strategies. Multicrystalline cell efficiencies
are also expected to reach 18 percent in the same timeframe. Currently,
the company plans to initiate production tests of 180-micron wafers and
cells in the first half of 2008.

Trina Solar also said that it has pre-sold 100 percent and 75 percent
of its first and second half 2008 targeted module production,
respectively. This equates to approximately 85 percent of its targeted
module production of 200-210MW for 2008.

The company also said
that 80 percent of its estimated silicon feedstock requirements this
year have been secured. It continues to source up to 80 percent of its
feedstock requirements from reclaimed silicon sources, which the
company claims results in cost savings of 30-50 percent over the spot
market cost for virgin polysilicon.

With a target to produce
400MW of module production in 2009, the company has secured
approximately 60 percent of its total feedstock requirements with
long-term polysilicon contracts currently accounting for over 40
percent of its total 2009 silicon requirements.

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