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Dutch residential solar fund exceeds limit

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    Approximately 315MW of solar has been installed under the Dutch solar rebate scheme. Image: Flickr/Tambakothejaguar

The Netherlands has been inundated with applications for solar rebates, exceeding the government's set funding limit.

The €50.8 million (US$67.5 million) budget for small scale (0.6-3.5kW) PV systems has had more than 90,000 applications for the 15% rebate on PV equipment purchased from 2012 to 2013.

The Dutch solar rebate fund was launched 1 July 2012, with a budget of €22 million (US$29.2 million) and was extended by €30 million (US$39.9 million) in November 2012, after 33,000 projects were granted rebates totalling €18.7 million (US$24.8 million), according to the Dutch ministry of economic affairs.

Approximately 315MW of solar has been installed under the scheme as of 7 August 2013, and there is now no more funding available. Those who have applied recently for the 15% rebate of up to €650 (US$863) have been told to be aware that there is no more funding available and no extra budget.

There is no subsidy for installation and maintenance, the 15% rebate only covers the purchase costs of equipment and materials such as panels and inverters.

In September 2012, the ministry for economic affairs made €1.4 billion (US$1.9 billion) available for renewable energy funding through the Sustainable Energy Incentive Scheme (SDE+).

The aim of the scheme was to achieve a balanced energy mix and increase sustainably produced energy from 4% to 14%, by 2020.


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