Fraunhofer FEP set to launch indium-free TCO layer



This month’s international trade fair Society of Vacuum Coaters (SCV) will see Fraunhofer FEP launch its new transparent conducting oxide (TCO) layer. The titanium dioxide-based layer, which can be applied to PV glass layers, has similar conductivity and transparency to other indium-free materials, but also boasts greater resistance to chemicals and the ability to withstand temperatures up to 550°C.

“Indium is becoming ever scarcer, and is mainly mined in China. For European companies it is important not to be dependent on Chinese raw materials. We are developing indium-free TCO materials in order to stay competitive and independent in electronics industry.” Fraunhofer’s Torsten Kopte said.

The SCV conference will be held in Chicago from April 19-20.

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