HyperSolar unveils new micro-concentrator module prototype design model



HyperSolar has finished work on the prototype design model of its new thin micro-concentrator module. The commercial version of the concentrator, which is set to be both smaller and more efficient than the prototype design model, will be released once the photonic and optical characteristics of the test module are validated.

“Our ultimate goal is to develop an inexpensive and thin solar concentrator for use in replacing expensive solar cells in conventional flat solar panels,” said Tim Young, CEO of HyperSolar. “After a year of intense research and development, we are excited to report that we have finally achieved a prototype design that we believe can be refined into a commercial product.”

The final module will be approximately 1cm thick and deliver 400% light magnification, thus potentially reducing the number of solar cells in an individual panel by 75% and significantly lowering the cost per watt of solar electricity.

“Unlike current concentrated photovoltaic solutions that require bulky mirrors or lenses and sun tracking mechanisms, the HyperSolar concentrator will be a thin and flat self-tracking solar concentrator that conventional solar manufacturers can use in conventional flat solar panels. A HyperSolar concentrator is a concentrator like no other with a multi-billion square feet opportunity. Every square foot of solar panel demand is an opportunity to reduce the number of expensive solar cells by incorporating a square foot of HyperSolar.” added Young.

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