Inaugural SiliconPV conference brings over 500 scientists to discuss silicon technology



Fraunhofer ISE is reveling in the afterglow of the first SiliconPV-International Conference on Silicon Photovoltaics. The even took place April 17 through 20th in Freiburg, Germany and brought 540 scientists from 21 countries together to discuss and focus on silicon technology. The theme for the three-day long event was “Advanced Cell and Module Concepts” and included over 130 presentations that were designed to promote communication between all the participants.

“I really like the concept of this conference,” enthused Dr. Arthur Weeber from Dutch energy research institute ECN. “The inspirational atmosphere encourages the intensified exchange between scientists. I am convinced that this event marks the start of even more scientific networking on the European level.”

SiliconPV featured various presentations that highlighted “high efficiency” and allowed the participants to fully engage in discussions on the topic. The model proved successful as one participant, Professor Joachim Luther, head of the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), confirmed: “SiliconPV is a new thematically focused conference and serves as an especially important platform for the presentation of research results from institutes and universities. Today research has a decisive impact on the success of the photovoltaic branch and remains an important factor in the further development of the solar industry.”

After receiving such high interest in the first event, SiliconPV will take place annually throughout different European locations.  “The concept of the conference – from scientists for scientists – has been well received, as the number of participant’s shows,” remarked Dr. Jef Poortmans, PV department director of the Belgian research institute IMEC. Leuven-based IMEC will host the second annual SiliconPV even in April 2012.

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