Ledian Tianwei Silicon Technology begins production at 3000MTY polysilicon plant



Ledian Tianwei Silicon Technology has now opened its 3000MTY polysilicon production plant in Leshan, Sichuan Province, China. Ledian Tianwei Silicon Technology contracted with Poly Plant Project (PPP), purchasing its process technology and equipment package, reports Solarbuzz.

PPP’s equipment package includes integrated chemical vapor deposition reactors to produce high-purity polysilicon, thermal converters to recycle and convert silicon-tetrachloride to trichlorosilane, pressure vessel power supply systems, ancillary equipment and operator and safety training at Ledian’s polysilicon production plant.

“Poly Plant Project’s 36-L Reactor is the market leader in terms of polysilicon output, production capacity and efficiency for 36 rod (18 pair) CVD Reactors,” said Dr. Jesse Chen, president of PPP.

“PPP’s engineers have developed our unique 36-L CVD Reactors to achieve a minimum annual production capacity of 200MTY of high-purity polysilicon. Our model 36-L and our new, high-capacity model 54-R 54-rod reactors are the most advanced, high-yield polysilicon deposition reactors available. PPP’s 36 and 54 rod reactors are unparalleled in their efficient production of polysilicon consuming the least amount of electricity per kg of polysilicon produced.”

All CVD reactors are now operating and the company is now producing solar grade and electronic grade polysilicon at a rate of 1500MTY – almost 50% of the plant’s 3000MTY capacity.

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