MBJ Solutions offers low-cost fast electroluminescence inspection system



MBJ Solutions is expanding its product portfolio with a new SolarModule EL-quickline system. The SolarModule EL-quickcheck is designed as an alternative to the company's high-resolution product platform, SolarModule EL-basic / EL-lab. The system uses two fixed installed, cooled CCD-NIR cameras to attain a very high testing speed. The resolution is low in comparison to the high-resolution systems, but the system is considerably more cost-effective in part due to the simple mechanical concept.


Micro-cracks on solar modules are mostly invisible to the human eye, yet present a significant risk of decreasing the module’s performance. Micro-cracks can happen anywhere and anytime, during production, transportation or installation.


The SolarModule EL-quickcheck has a simpler mechanical design with two fast-action fixed cameras, providing a reasonable image quality at a significant lower price. Moreover, using this technology provides valuable information about the overall quality of the solar module under test, either during the production process before lamination, at the end of the production process, after shipment or right before installation at customer site.


The system is designed for mono- and multicrystalline silicon solar modules. Module sizes of minimum 400 x 600mm, max. 1050 x 2000mm (W x H).


The compact mechanical design with its multiple camera approach ensures short tact times @ 7.8MPixel. The short-side leading system allows inspecting framed and nonlaminated modules optional combined with an automatic contact unit. The images captured by the cooled NIR-CCD cameras are displayed on the user interface in a matrix view and the operator can grade the module as either “good” or “reject,” depending on the defects visible in the images. The SolarModule EL-quickline is very fast with a cycle time of less than 25s including automatic loading and unloading of the module.


Currently available.

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