Meyer Burger’s diamond wire saw enables ultrathin wafer production



Meyer Burger is offering the DW 288+ as the first diamond wire saw system designed specifically for monocrystalline solar wafer applications. The DW 288 platform enables the slicing of silicon bricks into ultrathin wafers.


Diamond wire cutting technology is now replacing slurry-based wafer processing. The first generations of machines for this purpose are currently being introduced into the market, but there is still potential for improvement in the diamond wire cutting process. On the basis of production experience and data analysis, diamond wire has proved to be by far the largest cost driver in the wafering process. A better understanding of the factors that influence the lifetime and performance of diamond wire is therefore necessary.


The DW 288+ is unique because it includes a brand-new technology for diamond wire management during the cutting process. This innovative and patented wire management system significantly increases the diamond wire performance and therefore helps to substantially reduce wafering costs, according to the company.


The DW 288 platform can be used to slice silicon, sapphire and other brittle materials.


Additional features of the wire saw, such as the wire-web monitoring system or the one-touch carrier system, allow integration in to the Meyer Burger ‘WaferLine’ for integrated production systems (IPS). Meyer Burger’s in-depth knowledge about the entire photovoltaic module production process enables the company to design products and product interfaces with optimised material flows and yields.


Currently available.

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