ProSolar outdoor inverter from Converteam offers high power density at low BoS costs



Product Briefing Outline: Converteam has introduced the ProSolar outdoor inverter. ProSolar inverters are available for a power range from 500 kW to several megawatts. ProSolar central inverters are optimised for the use in MW photovoltaic parks. The number of PV strings in the system varies according to the individual requirements.

Problem: The ProSolar central inverter manages reactive power regulation at the grid connection point. It meets all the new requirements of the BDEW Technical Directive for Power-Generating Systems in the Medium-Voltage Grid. This means no immediate disconnection of the photovoltaic parks from supply grid in the event of grid faults. Requirement-compliant response if balanced or unbalanced grid faults arise in the event of undervoltages and active support of the grid protection technology in the event of faults.

Solution: Available as cabinet solution for outdoor use or as a medium-voltage station ProSolar-to-connect inverters for the operation of photovoltaic power plants are optimal.  The three-level topology of the power electronics increase based on modern IGBT technology and possible input voltages of up to 1,500 volts the efficiency to over 98 percent.  This increases the energy yield and minimize the investment costs for pipelines, buildings, fuses and power electronics.  The liquid-cooled inverter with patented active cooling can handle temperatures up to +55 ° C without derating work.  Integrated data logger recorded electrical input and output variables.  Unexpected, but also pre-defined events can be sent immediately via the ProSolar system via Internet or SMS.  Optional diagnostic functions such as long-term evaluations of components and overall system round off the extensive monitoring functions.

Applications: Solar plants ranging from 500 kW to several megawatts.

Platform: The Control & Monitoring System has a data logger integrated in the ProSolar inverter, which enables time-defined logging of electrical input and output variables. Unexpected as well as pre-defined events can be transmitted immediately across the ProSolar system via the Internet or SMS. A diagnostic function, which is available as an option, detects the system components and generates long-term analyses for the continuous improvement of the overall system. An isolating transformer is used to electrically isolate the DC supply and the mains connection.

Availability: Currently available.

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