Israel-based PV developer Arava Power Company and EDF Energies Nouvelles Israel, a subsidiary of renewables company EDF Energies Nouvelles, have commissioned the 40MW Ketura Solar plant in Israel.

Development began in 2009, with financial close reached in 2013. EGE and the Israel Electric Corporation were responsible for construction of the site, which lasted around seven months and involved 140,343 panels installed over 54 hectares.

EDF Energies Nouvelles Israel is currently building another 50MW solar project named Zmorot. The firm also already operates 10 solar plants in Israel with a total capacity of 110MW.

Ayalon Vaniche, chief executive of EDF Energies Nouvelles Israel, said that in the coming years, the company will continue to promote projects in the field of solar energy and also expand its activity to wind energy in Israel, which has economic potential for the country due to its geographical location and its wind resource.

Jonathan Cohen, chief executive of Arava Power, said that connecting the Ketura Solar project to the electricity grid raises Arava Power's current installed capacity to over 100MW.

Both chief executives noted that Israel must set ambitious renewable energy development goals ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference taking place in Paris in December. Reaching 30% electricity from clean energy by 2030 would require a significant increase of quotas in the solar field, the utilization of all wind potential and increased use of energy storage by means of hydraulic systems (pumped storage) and batteries, they added.