The research team at Helmholz-Zentrum, Berlin, Germany, published last month that Beneq produced positive results on the performance of its thin-film PV solar cells manufactured with TCO-glass (transparent conductive oxide). Produced by Beneq nAERO technology, the results show that nAERO-coated TCO glass is a definite candidate for cell manufacturers in need of high-quality fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) TCO glass at an affordable price.

Beneq CTO, Dr Tommi Vainio, comments: “Publishing these findings helps in establishing nAERO TCO as a new, viable and reliable option for industrial production of TCO-coated solar glass. The fact that the coating can be tailored to suit different cell types makes it flexible. The fact that it has remarkably high coating growth rate and level of yield makes it unique. These factors together make it evident to our present and future customers that nAERO TCO is a new and winning option in the field of FTO TCO for thin film photovoltaics.”

Beneq offers nAERO coating technology for continuous off-line and in-line TCO-coating for thin film solar cells (amorphous silicon [a-Si], microcrystalline silicon [µc-Si] and cadmium–telluride [Cd-Te]). Together with Glaston, Beneq offers the world’s first and only coating line, the Beneq-Glaston TFC2000, for continuous production of TCO-coated glass for photovoltaics.