Fraunhofer ISE chief Eicke Weber will run for Germany’s Free Democratic Party (FDP) in regional elections.

A statement released by the FDP unveils Weber as a candidate in the regional Baden-Württemberg elections.

Karin Schneider, head of communications at Fraunhofer ISE told PV Tech that Weber hit retirement age in Germany last year but agreed to continue on as director until a replacement was appointed. His decision to run as the candidate for the FDP will not impact his tenure at the institute.

The FDP was in coalition government during a period of rapid cuts to support schemes for solar.

The party called Weber a “sensational” candidate and highlighted his compatibility with their Blue Growth agenda.

In 2010, Weber said that proposed government policies to cut the feed-in tariff by 15% were putting the industry at risk.

“The proposals of the Environment are far above and would jeopardise the massive solar production industry in Germany,” he said in 2010.