Continuing to restructure the company in hope of surviving the solar shakeout, major PV equipment specialist centrotherm photovoltaics has made sweeping changes to its senior management with the notable fall of its enigmatic CTO, Dr. Peter Fath. Current CEO, Robert M. Hartung will also step down from his position, while Peter Augustin will become responsible for core solar cell and module business, amongst other management changes.

Although Dr. Fath has lost his CTO role and stepped down from the management board, centrotherm said that he would "remain connected with the company," including "continuing to support and drive further ahead with activities in the MENA region, particularly in Algeria."

Hartung, former CEO, will also step down from the management board and join the supervisory board succeeding his father, company founder Rolf Hartung, as a supervisory board member as part of succession arrangements.

Jan von Schuckmann, previously chief restructuring officer, is to have been appointed CEO. Tobias Hoefer is to remain the management board member responsible for the company's self-administration and for the implementation of the restructuring program.

Peter Augustin, most recently CEO of centrotherm thermal solutions and centrotherm cell and module department, would be in charge of the company’s core solar cell and module business, as well as responsible for the diversification within the semiconductor and microelectronics sectors.

Hans Autenrieth, a co-founder but involved in only consultancy roles is also expected to rejoin the company and become a management board member and reassume responsibility for sales and marketing.

As part of the restructuring efforts under self-administration, centrotherm said that further management changes would be made.