Verified by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, Q-Cells said it had set new conversion efficiency records for multicrystalline and quasi-mono solar modules. A module with 60 multicrystalline solar cells, using its ‘Q.ANTUM’ cell concept was reported to have achieved 18.5% efficiency, up from a record Q-Cells claimed it had achieved of 18.1% last year. The market introduction of the Q.ANTUM solar cells and modules is planned for 2012 with pilot production at its advanced facility in Thalheim, Germany already underway.

Q-Cells also reported that it had set a record module output of 283W, based on 60 quasi-monocrystalline solar cells, claiming it currently had the most powerful module among competitively priced quasi-monocrystalline modules. This comes on the back of claiming a record 287W mono-silicon module in September 2011.

“With these world records, Q-Cells is once again underscoring its technology leading position in terms of efficiency as well as the output of its products,” commented Peter Wawer, head of technology at Q-Cells SE. “Thanks to our close cooperation between research, development and production at the Thalheim location, we are able to bring innovative technologies into serial production quickly. This allows us to offer top quality products with sustainable yields to our clients.”

Q-Cells reiterated that both wafer types had thicknesses of 180µm and were passivated with functional nano-layers on the rear side in combination with local contacts.