Module manufacturers Silfab Ontario and Heliene have partnered to create Helios Power Canada to provide access to larger production capacities and inventories.

“By sharing resources, we will be equipped to fulfil future contracts in a materially more efficient manner. By streamlining our operations, quoting capacities and offering a reduced vendor base, this consolidation of our companies' commercial capabilities will definitely achieve positive results for our clients,” said Paolo Maccario, Silfab's COO and General Manager

The company claims that Helios Power Canada brings a combined manufacturing capacity of 150MW and installed operating modules in Ontario totalling in excess of 75MW representing 25%of the installed solar base in Ontario.

Maccario said: “Helios Power Canada has committed to reserving a percentage of its manufacturing capacity for existing contracts, and it looks forward to being able to service new OEM contracts with a multitude of existing, new and enhanced product offerings.”

This summer, Silfab also joined forces with Trina Solar to supply modules to the Canadian market.