Working with solar investor Sistema Solare, SolFocus has completed a 1.25MW solar park in Italy. The project spans two sites in central Italy, one in Aveani and the other in Savini, which combined are said to form one of the largest CPV power plants in the country. The CPV plants were developed and designed by Ren It and built by EPC company Delta.

SolFocus used its SF-1100S system, which features dual-axis tracking and patented reflective optics to concentrate sunlight 650 times onto small, highly efficient solar cells. Construction on the projects, which were developed under Conto Energia IV, started in June.

"Sistema Solare is currently progressing in the realization of CPV projects in Italy with a short-term target of another 10MW, and together with the developer Ren It we are building a pipeline of approximately 100MW in the Middle East and Latin American regions," commented Francesco Marini, chairman of Sistema Solare. "We looked at a number of CPV providers and felt that the SolFocus approach was the best fit for both the needs of these projects and the local environment," added Lorenzo Verlicchi, managing director of Sistema Solare.