Odersun develops software tool that lets users design individually tailored solar modules



Odersun has developed a new software tool, which essentially allows a user to design their own solar modules. Aptly named Solarmodule-Designer, the software lets users create solar modules that will fit an individual building project and system. Size, form, build-up and materials can all be customized by the user so that the modules can easily fit into their solar-integrated roofs and façades.

“We find the Solarmodule-Designer to be a very effective tool to demonstrate our products’ vast scope of creative design. The customized manufacturing of solar modules still is, after all, a new and often extremely technical area,” explained Uwe Hering, chief sales and marketing officer of Odersun. “This configuration software was purpose-build to allow users to experience the unique capabilities of Odersun’s customized products in an easy, appealing and yet technically accurate way.”

The Solarmodule-Designer software additionally comes with an export function, which allows the user to download a PDF summary of the parameters chosen and a CAD version of their designed solar module. Odersun is currently working an on app for the iPad 2, which will allow the same software features to be used on the Apple device.

Intersolar Europe visitors can test the software using a touch screen table June 8 through June 10 at the show in Munich or the software can be accessed free of charge online here.

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