Pictometry offers aerial rooftop images, measurement tools to U.S. solar integrators



Pictometry Online is extending its 3-D like, high resolution aerial images to solar contractors, which the company states will allow for a better and more accurate calculation of solar exposure, panel placement, sizing, roof pitch and square footage for a solar installation on either a residential or commercial building.

“Determining whether or not a home or commercial building is suitable for mounting solar panels is a big part of the job,” said Kevin Reilley, president of Pictometry Business Solutions. “Pictometry enables solar installation contractors to pre-qualify jobs right from their computer. This saves costly runarounds and speeds up the installation process, thus saving contractors time and money, while reducing carbon emissions. Our goal is to make it easier and cheaper to install solar panels. Pictometry helps contractors reduce costs in assessments, bidding, staging, marketing, sales and support, while increasing their performance and ultimately, customer satisfaction.”

Oblique angle images of U.S. properties will be available for solar contractors to view through Pictometry. The company states that their technology will enable contractors to view and measure a roof space, determine the tilt and direction of the roof and examine any obstacles that would inhibit a smooth installation.

Macri Roofing, a roofing and solar panel installation company familiar with Pictometry explained how Pictometry allows solar customers a better understanding of the solar installation process. “Most of our customers have a general idea of what they’re getting when they’re repairing or replacing a roof, but when it comes to solar panel installation, they don’t have nearly as much information,” said Brandon Macri, estimator and solar specialist at Macri Roofing. “Pictometry gives us the ability to generate images that show people how solar panels will look on their homes without ever stepping foot on their roofs.”

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