Praxis Resources meets demanding PV field testing with IV curve tracers



Praxis Resources has launched the PCT-1800 IV Curve Tracer.  The unit is shock resistant, easy to operate and user friendly.  The large scale 10.4” color touch panel LCD and integrated computer are key to generating IV curves, completing PV array performance analysis and producing immediate performance feedback.


Most IV Curve Tracers are not able to test to 1800 Volts and 50 Amps.  Large scale solar fields require an all in one test system that is robust, user friendly and a screen that can be seen in direct sunlight.


The PCT-1800 is a self-contained testing device that creates a fast curve and is capable of generating up to 2000 curves between charges. The device provides the power of faster analysis, less down time and greater profitability.   The auto ranging system sets the voltage and current gain selections during operation, assuring the best possible performance.  The system provides 1000 points per trace and provides comprehensive test reporting.  Praxis will customize unit per request. 


PV field testing, warranty and reliability verification.


The PCT-1800 is built into a rugged all-weather case that can withstand the rigors of air travel and daily use.  It operates at high power: 0-1,800 Volts at 1%, .5 – 50 Amps at 1.5%.  Operating temperatures from range from -20 degrees C (-4 degrees F) to 60 degrees C (140 degrees F).  120 volt, 12 volt adapters, auxiliary analog input and integrated computer with atom dual core processor provide maximum performance.  Built-in reverse voltage and over voltage protection delivers enhanced safety.  12 Gigabytes of data storage and high resolution GUI make the PCT-1800 easy to operate in the field.   


Currently available.

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