Project Focus: 1MW power plant planned for installation in the UK



UK energy company Ecotricity has submitted a planning application for a 1MW power plant near Louth, UK. If the plans are accepted, this project, which will be located next to a 20-tubine wind farm, will be the largest of its kind in the country, reports PV-Tech’s UK sister site, the Solar Power Portal.

The huge installation is to be built at Fen Farm, Conisholme, with 59 rows of solar panels constructed on a 4.7 acre site. The solar plant now awaits approval from planners at East Lindsey District Council, however if they give the go-ahead, the park could be completely constructed in just 15 weeks.

Spokesman Mike Cheshire said, “The Fen Farm sun park is the first of a number planned by Ecotricity around the UK. If the sun park is approved, it will be one of the first combined wind and sun energy parks in the world.”

Under the UK’s feed-in tariff scheme, the plant will receive 29.3p/kWh; this payment will be received over a period of 25 years.

A spokesperson from East Lindsey District Council said, “This is now a valid planning application and consultations will be carried out shortly with local people.”

(Artist’s impression of what the site will look like)

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