PVComplete’s commercial PV system design software cuts engineering time in half



PV software specialist, PVComplete has launched its commercial solar system design platform that is intended to streamline the most time consuming tasks in commercial solar project design in a CAD environment. PVComplete 2.0 expects to add further functionality to the platform on an ongoing basis. 


Although module costs have fallen dramatically, soft costs now account for nearly half of solar project cots.  Design, engineering and permitting are expensive parts of the soft cost equation.  Commercial and utility design is complicated and time consuming.  While many efficiencies have occurred in the solar industry, design methods have not changed considerably from a decade ago, excel spreadsheets abound.  


The comprehensive software tool completely automates electrical design and module layout utilizing a cloud-based PV module database while observing roof zones and obstructions with sophisticated shadow models. This easy to use software enables multiple design iterations resulting in project optimization.  PVComplete is seamlessly integrated with AutoCAD and available as application or a bundled 'solar CAD' solution. PVComplete tools are said to cut engineering time in half through the automation of the most time consuming tasks.  Automated layouts and engineering calculations reduce potential costly errors.  Project designs can be created quickly allowing for multiple iterations and easy comparison across versions.


Commercial rooftop PV system design. 


PVComplete 2.0 includes mechanical lay out features such as  Automatic Module Layout, Dynamic Module Block Creation, Cloud Based PV Module Database, Version Control, Roof Zoning, Obstruction Definition and Shadow Model. Electrical Design features include, Automatic String Assignment, Single Line Diagram Generation, Commercial Inverter Database, Combiner Box Placement, Wiring Layout, String Size Calculator, Automatic Conductor Calculator, Wire Size and Length Calculator, Conduit Fill Calculator and Voltage Drop Calculator. Document creation and feature set flexibility features include: Export Document Package and Drawings, Full Costed BOM, Custom Title Block, Customization to Mounting System and full AutoCAD integration. The company offers full training and backup services. 


PVComplete 2.0 will be fully released for US and European markets in February 2015.  

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