Reno Contracting and Envision Solar team up for solar-power charging stations for electric cars



Envision Solar will be collaborating with Reno Contracting on the development of several Envision Solar Tree solar parking arrays using Envision’s CleanCharge and EnvisionTrak technology. The solar-power charging stations for electric cars will be built across various locations in the southwest U.S. The first project is scheduled to commence during 2011’s second quarter followed by a multi-location construction at corporate and commercial properties through 2011 and beyond.

Along with charging electric vehicles, energy produced at the solar sites may be delivered to the power grid, which would support California’s directive for the state to reach 33% renewable energy by 2020. Reno Contracting will help Envision with obtaining project materials, logistics for construction and delivery, entitlement and permitting, master scheduling, pricing and construction management.

“Envision Solar's EnvisionTrak and CleanCharge systems provide a viable, clean-powering way forward in the face of instability surrounding global oil markets,” said Reno Contracting President Walt Fegley. “The system addresses criticism that electric vehicles charged solely from the power grid are using energy created in large part from burning coal or other fossil fuels, and therefore are creating greenhouse gases. Electric vehicles that are charged at the CleanCharge system can truly be considered zero emission vehicles.  Additionally, the high-level architecture of Envision's Solar Tree designs complement any facility, in a market, which often times is only dollar driven to the exclusion of quality design. We believe it will set the standard for smart, efficient solar electric car charging.”

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