Shoals adds UL1699B listing to SNAPshot wireless arc fault solution



Shoals Technologies Group has added UL1699B listing to the SNAPshot Wireless Arc Fault solution. The SNAPshot Wireless Arc Fault Solution protects solar assets and property by detecting arcing at the string-level and disconnecting the inverter or charge components.


With the growing adoption of US National Electric Code (NEC) 2011, it is increasingly important to have a trusted solution to potential arc faulting that complies with the requirements.


The SNAPshot Wireless Arc Fault Solution enables owners and operations & maintenance (O&Ms) crews to be remotely alerted to fault conditions in their fields. The SNAPshot Wireless Arc Fault solution uses advanced signal processing technology to identify the electrical noise signature created by arc faults in the array wiring. It now is an integrated option in the Shoals Wireless Smart Combiner and can also be installed as a stand-alone device, integrating to most popular SCADA systems. 


Residential and commercial rooftop remote arc fault detection.


The UL listed Wireless Arc Fault solution is the latest addition to the powerful SNAPshot Solar Management Ecosystem. SNAPshot, developed under the strategic partnership between Shoals and Synapse. SNAPshot is a purpose-built cloud-based platform that provides anywhere, anytime access to real-time performance data. The cloud enables advanced analytics for enhanced efficiency. Wireless monitoring further extends the functionality of SNAPshot, helping owners and operators increase yield through identification of underperforming zones or strings and proactive repair.


First quarter 2015 onwards. 

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