Sungrow launches liquid-cooled BESS for utility-scale and C&I applications

By PV Tech


The new systems offer higher dischargeable energy capacity and greater flexibility. Image: Sungrow.

PV Tech and Sungrow are co-hosting a webinar exploring how liquid-cooled battery energy storage systems can improve project economics and extend equipment life. To register for the webinar, which takes place on 22 November at 3pm GMT, click here.

Product outline

Sungrow has introduced its newest ST2752UX liquid-cooled battery energy storage systems (BESSs), featuring an AC/DC coupling solution for utility-scale power plants, and the ST500CP-250HV for global commercial and industrial (C&I) applications.

The new systems offer minimised system cost, higher dischargeable energy capacity and greater flexibility.


With industries around the world beginning to recover from the impact of COVID, the demand for energy has increased significantly, creating imbalance between supply and demand. Renewable energy is seen as a long-term solution, and in combination with energy storage can help resolve issues of volatility in supply.

However, while energy storage is a rapidly growing market in many parts of the world, large utility-scale battery storage plants face numerous challenges including high capital cost, low energy output, low flexibility and safety issues.

To date, the vast majority of battery storage systems have used HVAC for air cooling, and direct paralleling of multiple battery racks to increase energy density. This can lead to problems such as high auxiliary power consumption and low heat dissipation efficiency, having a negative effect on project income.


Sungrow’s ST2752UX and ST500CP-250HV BESS solutions use advanced liquid cooling technology to dissipate heat more evenly from the battery, with the enhanced thermal conductivity of the coolant reducing the auxiliary power consumption required for system cooling. 


ST2752UX liquid-cooled battery cabinet has a maximum capacity 2,752kWh, with a liquid cooling unit, 48 battery modules (64 cells per module), 4 DC/DC (0.25C, 4 hours) or 8 DC/DC (0.5C, 2 hours), with additional firefighting capability. According to customer requirements, the total energy capacity of each battery cabinet can be tailored to achieve the best economics for a specific project.

ST500CP-250HV C&I solution has a maximum capacity of 535kWh, including a liquid cooling unit, 20 battery modules (60 batteries per module), switchgear, fire protection system and PCS cabinet of 250kW.


Power plants and C&I applications.


Already available in Europe.

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