Sustainable Energy, tenKsolar will deliver RAIS Wave PV system for large-scale rooftop applications



Sustainable Energy Technologies has partnered with tenKsolar to deliver the company’s RAIS Wave solar PV system for commercial and institutional flat rooftop applications, integrating Sustainable Energy inverter technology.

“The extra low voltage, parallel design of the SUNERGY inverter represents the leading edge in high reliability solar design and is a key enabler of our RAIS Wave system. With the SUNERGY inverter our commercial rooftop solar energy systems set a new standard for reliability and energy yield for large scale solar arrays,” said Joel Cannon CEO of tenKsolar.

“The tenKsolar approach represents the future of solar PV – a modular, fully integrated parallel design which can be easily installed and maintained by mainstream building trades with a much lower cost of installation and an overall lower cost of ownership to the building owner.” said Michael Carten CEO of Sustainable Energy. “We are very excited to be able to contribute to this step forward in solar power system design”

The two companies have also received a 1MW purchase order for the RAIS Wave system from the Stuart C Irby Company, a division of Sonepar U.S., bringing total orders to date to approximately 1.2 MW.

“This is an important milestone in our strategy to position SUNERGY’s parallel system architecture for distribution in the U.S. in 2011,” added Carten. “The partnership with tenKsolar and the orders from one of the leading U.S. electrical distributors will provide valuable exposure in the significant U.S. commercial rooftop market and accelerate our entry into the U.S. ahead of schedule.”

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