September 18, 2023
Fraunhofer ISE has developed a perovskite-silicon triple-junction solar cell, which boasts a conversion efficiency of “over 30%”.
August 14, 2023
California-based perovskite solar startup Caelux has closed US$12 million in Series A3 financing to support its factory expansion in Baldwin Park, California, research and development (R&D) and eventual product launch.
July 18, 2023
Bifacial perovskite cells could potentially produce up to 20% more energy yield than their monofacial counterparts, according to experimental research by scientists at the US’ National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).
June 13, 2023
US solar manufacturer CubicPV has received US$103 million in equity financing to support its plans to develop a US silicon wafer production base.
June 2, 2023
Fraunhofer ISE has set up a testing apparatus for perovskite solar PV cells and modules, aiming to establish a reliable efficiency standard for the technology.
June 1, 2023
Italian PV manufacturer FuturaSun has acquired a research and development startup, Solertix, which focuses on perovskite cell technology research.
June 1, 2023
LONGi vice president Dennis She speaks here with PV Tech director David Evans, focusing on why innovation should be based around delivering maximum value to customers.
May 25, 2023
Perovskite solar cell researchers Oxford PV have claimed a new world record for commercial solar cell efficiency, recording a 28.6% efficiency on a 258.15 cm2 perovskite tandem cell independently certified by Fraunhofer ISE.
May 18, 2023
Korean-owned PV manufacturer Qcells has plans to invest US$100 million into a perovskite-tandem cell production line at its factory in Jincheon, South Korea.
April 21, 2023
The US Department of Energy (DOE) has announced US$52 million in financing for research and development (R&D) into domestic solar manufacturing and recycling, including a focus on new technologies.

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