Tool Order: Underwriters Laboratories selects Spire’s Spi-Sun Simulator



Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. has selected Spire Corporation’s ‘Spi-Sun Simulator’ 4600 Single Long Pulse systems for photovoltaic module testing operations in both the United States and China.

“Spire is very excited to win the order for this significant tool with UL. They play a critical role in the industry by setting the standards and verifying the process that proves to the investors in photovoltaics that their energy assets will last. Manufacturers who want to feel comfortable about their specifications can now use the same tool as the certifying agency,” said Steve Hogan, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Spire Solar of Spire Corporation. “I have always known that Spire’s Sun-SimulatorTM sets the standard and now UL agrees.”

Bill Colavecchio, Vice President and General Manager of UL’s Global Industrial Products Sector added, “We require the systems we use in certification to be of the highest caliber. We did an exhaustive search of the technology available and are pleased to be receiving a system from Spire.”

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