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  • PV module manufacturing metrology: measuring the making of solar modules

    By Christian Honeker - 06 October 2015, 11:00

    Encapsulation is a key aspect of module durability, yet less effort is made to assess the quality of this process during manfuacture. Christian Honeker describes a new test procedure designed to improve the quality control of lamination and thus promote overall module performance.

  • Brazil PV

    Brazil’s solar industry is making a big bet

    By Gwendalyn Bender - 23 September 2015, 10:00

    Following a recent visit to Brazil, Vaisala’s Gwendalyn Bender reports on the challenges facing the country as it gears up to meet its aggressive PV deployment targets.

  • Atacama Module (AtaMo): a long lasting, powerful, highly efficient module for desert applications

    By Dr Radovan Kopecek,Dr Joris Libal - 15 September 2015, 15:18

    Researchers are developing a new module specifically for use in desert areas, where much of the future growth in PV deployment is expected. Radovan Kopecek and Joris Libal of ISC Konstanz, one of the research partners involved, explain the thinking behind the ‘AtaMo’ module and its attributes in harsh conditions.

  • PV manufacturing

    Second quarter earnings season takeaways for new entrants in PV manufacturing

    By Matthias Grossmann - 04 September 2015, 12:47

    Recent second-quarter earnings figures paint a positive picture for established PV producers. Matthias Grossman looks at how start-up manufacturing companies can best take advantage of improving industry conditions.

  • PV shredding

    Time for the industry to keep its environmental promise

    By Pia Alina Lange - 03 September 2015, 11:55

    Since new European legislation kicked-in during 2014, the volume of recycled PV products has soared. Despite this, widespread non-compliance threatens to damage the industry, writes Pia Alina Lange.

  • Barack Obama

    What Obama’s Clean Energy Plan proposals mean for US solar

    By Laura E. Stern - 03 September 2015, 09:49

    President Obama has hailed his Clean Energy Plan as America’s biggest step forward in tackling climate change. Laura Stern explores how the plan will spur further growth in the US solar industry.

  • Module testing

    Challenges of global supply chain for PV modules and inverters

    By Ulrike Therhaag - 02 September 2015, 11:28

    The growing size and geographic dispersal of PV power plants worldwide presents numerous supply chain challenges. Ulrike Therhaag runs through some of the essential steps in effectively managing the procurement process.

  • Module testing

    Your module passed qualification testing, but is it also durable?

    By Rubina Singh,Dr Cordula Schmid - 19 August 2015, 07:00

    The Fraunhofer PV Module Durability Initiative is seeking overcome the fact that current certification regimes give no indication of a module’s lifetime performance. The team behind the initiative describe its latest findings.

  • Cracking the feedstock puzzle for larger solar ingots

    By Til Bartel - 14 August 2015, 11:48

    How silicon feedstock is packed into casting crucibles can have a big impact on the size and cost-efficiency of the resultant solar ingots. Til Bartel looks at some of the latest thinking around this essential stage in the PV manufacturing supply chain.

  • Chinese solar

    Is China ready for 20GW in 2015?

    By Frank Haugwitz - 27 July 2015, 18:14

    So far in 2015, Chinese domestic PV deployment has outstripped last year’s rates. A 20GW year would set a benchmark for China’s new five-year plan for solar development due to come into effect next year, writes Frank Haugwitz.


  • Photovoltaics International 29th Edition

    Forecasting the evolution of a young, dynamic industry is by definition an uncertain business, and solar is no exception. Rarely, if ever, do the numbers broadcast by any of the various bodies involved in the PV prediction game tally, and even historical deployment rates remain the subject of hot debate. The paradox is that getting forecasts broadly right is going to become increasingly important over the next few years, particularly for those involved in producing the equipment that will support whatever levels of demand come to pass.



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