AUO gains carbon footprint verification for EcoDuo PM220P00 PV module



AU Optronics (AUO) has become the first company to achieve carbon footprint verification on EcoDuo PM220P00, the multi-crystalline photovoltaic module, according to the international carbon footprint standard PAS2050.

The product carbon footprint of EcoDuo PM220P00 refers to the total amount of CO2 emissions, including the raw materials, manufacturing and distribution stages. By tracing the carbon footprint, AUO verified that raw materials took up around 82% of total carbon emission, manufacturing about 17% and distribution approximately 1%, among which raw materials led to the most emissions.

“AUO’s multi-crystalline PV module that garnered the world’s first carbon footprint verification again proves AUO’s determination on Green Solutions,” said James C.P. Chen, senior associate vice president of AUO’s solar photovoltaic business unit. “The key to acquiring the certification lies in the profound experiences in employing high-precision technologies, carbon footprint tracing, and power-saving innovations of TFT-LCDs to the solar modules. This demonstrates the AUO strategy to develop the TFT-LCD and PV businesses concurrently, leading the global industry with the most advanced green technologies from both respects,” he added.

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