Australian rooftop PV installations close in on 3.4GW



April figures from Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator (CER) reveal that more than 3GW of PV has been installed in Australia across more than a million roofs.

CER released figures for April 2014, showing 3,368MW rooftop solar systems have been installed across 1,225,494 rooftops.

For April alone, more than 14MW were installed via more than 3,500 new rooftop systems, as part of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme. The RET is divided into two schemes, one for large-scale and one for small-scale renewables, with an overall target for 20% of the country’s electricity to be solar by 2020.

On the 17 February ministers announced a review of the RET scheme, a report from the review is expected to be complete by mid 2014.

However the figures are lower than last month’s 47.5MW and far less than last year’s record for April, 62.9 MW.

Australia ended 2013 with over 1 million PV systems installed on rooftops, representing almost 3.1GW cumulative capacity of rooftop solar power installed across the country.

There were 1,161,245 rooftop PV systems in December, meaning in the last six months more than 100,000 new rooftop systems have been installed across the country.

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