BTU International signs licensing agreement for DuPont’s catalytic oxidation technology



BTU International has signed a worldwide licensing agreement to use DuPont Packaging Graphics’ catalytic oxidation technology. Developed to block volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the technology can be used in tandem with BTU’s Tritan metallization firing systems and is expected to lower the cost per watt of solar cells.

“We are excited to offer leading-edge technology from DuPont with our Tritan firing furnace,” said Jan-Paul van Maaren,  vice president of marketing at BTU. “Catalytic oxidation of VOCs promises to use dramatically less power than traditional thermal oxidation. Not only does this impact the tool’s overall cost of ownership and therefore cost per watt, but it also is a more responsible way for our solar customers to manage their effluent.”

“The catalytic oxidation technology was developed for DuPont flexographic printing systems and is well proven with nearly 150 units installed,” said Dalen Keys, global technology manager at DuPont. “We are very pleased to leverage the technology to benefit BTU and the solar energy industry, as we share a commitment to innovation and greater sustainability.”

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