BTU solar sales continue to grow



BTU International said that equipment sales into the photovoltaics industry and across the crystalline and thin-film markets continue to grow despite an overall decline in first-quarter revenues of 33% to US$9.8 million. The company noted that solar sales were currently oriented more toward technology buys than capacity expansions.

“Our growth strategy of investing in our alternative energy business is continuing to show positive results with system sales in the first quarter growing compared to the previous quarter,” commented Paul J. van der Wansem, BTU chairman and CEO. “This now represents five quarters in a row of growth in our alternative energy business. Several new product introductions for both silicon- and thin film-based solar are on schedule and startups will be taking place during the second quarter of 2009.”

“In solar, for silicon cell production we see investments in technologies that improve efficiencies and throughput, with a more cautious appetite for pure capacity expansion. In thin-film solar, we’re seeing increased activity as customers move from development to production,” added van der Wansem.

The company said it was planning new product introductions for the solar market in the second half of the year.

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