Cyberstar uses patented ‘Gradient Freeze’ process to boost mass-yield of silicon ingots



Cyberstar, based in Grenoble, France has introduced their new 650/800kg Crystallization Furnace System for multicrystalline silicon ingot production.  Cyberstar has been designing and manufacturing reliable and cost effective crystal growth equipments like Czochralski, Bridgman, floating zone, liquid phase epitaxy and, mirror furnaces (infrared or laser heating) since 1986.


Polysilicon and wafer production are key cost contributors to overall module manufacturing costs. Improving the mass-yield of the grown ingot reduces costs and improves product quality. However these benefits need to be provided in an environment of faster growth and reduced cycle times to maximize cost reduction goals.


Cyberstar’s patented ‘Gradient Freeze’ process technology is claimed to provide advantages that other traditional ‘casting’ systems are incapable of providing. The most significant being better mass-yield of the grown ingot, faster growth & cycle times, & a small footprint. The photovoltaic output will be at least 10MW per year, according to the company.


Multicrystalline silicon ingot production.


The 650kg furnace produces ingots comprised of 6 x 6 bricks using a GEN6 crucible or 5 x 5 bricks using a GEN5 crucible. Furnace output: > 13MW with GEN6 crucibles and > 10MW with GEN5 crucibles. Material yield: 79%. Cycle time: 50h: Dimensions (WxLxH): 2.6m x 4.5m x 4.5m; Ceiling height: 5.5m. Weight: 7000kg total system. They also have this system available in 60kg and 250kg sizes, which can be used in research & development capacities. Their 60kg multicrystalline furnace can also accept the Cyberstar Czochralski growth components, thus allowing the growth of both multi- and monocrystalline silicon – in the same furnace.  Dedicated Czochralski systems are also available. 


Cyberstar has these systems available in their new Crystal Growth Development Center at their facilities in Grenoble, France.  

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